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Hebe Purple Shamrock : A broadleaf evergreen shrub with variegated, purple, white, burgundy and green foliage and purple flowers in summer. It contributes glossy texture to the garden. Attractive to bees. To grow well, it prefers sun - mostly sun and regular - occasional water. Adaptable to various soil conditions. Grows best in well-drained, average and gritty soil. In need of something seaside / salt tolerant? This may be a good option.

Hebes 'Purple Shamrock'

SKU: 36523641234523
        Foliage: evergreen variegated, purple, white, burgundy and green
        Mature size: 1 FT - 2 FT - wide, 1 FT - 2 FT - tall
        Flowers: purple blooms in summer
        USDA Zones: 7a - 10b
        Sun exposure: sun - mostly sun
        Watering frequency: regular - occasional
        Soil needs: well-drained, average and gritty

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